We're anti BS
      And that doesn’t stand for Brand Strategy. We don’t give or take any. The rumors are true.

'Bout Bloom

Young. Rebellious. Passionate. We’re exceptional at what we do.

In our previous lives, we worked on different multi-national brands, across Central and West Africa, at different big named agencies. Then we got bored of the mundane.

So we started Bloom !nteractive. a creative partner for brands looking to innovate around their businesses. (relax, retainer agencies, we only want the really challenging work) (We’ve also worked with agencies wanting to fire up their thinking.)

We dig digital and mobile. And unless your audience is Octogenarian, you should too. All our work comes with digital extensions to help get you to start exploiting the digital opportunities you’ve been overlooking.

We work for a few clients at a time so we can devote our minds to solving their specific challenges. Our solutions have come in many forms, from campaigns to content, to strategy to song… we even made a game once.

Every problem has a myriad of creative (and mostly legal) solutions. What’s yours?
Challenge us.

Our Work

Vodafone Icons Street Edition

We won the pitch to handle the full communications strategy for Vodafone’s Icons show – Vodafone’s biggest project of the year. Our focus was on getting acts to fuse a bit of their own creativity with the genres they’d perform creating a blend of two genres. Icons is the Ghanaian equivalent of American Idols and Ghana’s biggest vocal talent show. Our task was to revamp the identity of the show and find a way to extend it digitally. It had to draw in and engage a larger audience across traditional and digital platforms. We took Vodafone Icons into our hands and built everything from strategy, to the communication ideas and production of the work.

Vodafone Icons Remix Edition

This was the 2nd year running for Bloom to handle Icons and the 4th consecutive year for our founding team. Our focus was on getting acts to fuse a bit of their own creativity with the genres they’d perform creating a blend of two genres.

Vodafone X

Vodafone wanted a way to attract the youth to its brand. Instead of launching a product, our strategy was to create a totally new proposition that was equally as vibrant, rebellious and unpredictable as its intended audience. We teased, we triggered conversations, and we sparked off a social movement. And then we slapped on an envious product


Tonaton came to us to refresh their brand positioning and outdoor their new mobile app. At a time where major competitors were also touting mobile apps, our task was to switch the regular format and still manage to weave brilliant, humorous stories that stuck. The result was a humorous campaign for a traditionally humorous brand.

Close Up

Unilever brand CloseUp is renewing its brand image globally, to be an edgier, more digital and daring brand to attract a youth demographic. This coincided with the launch of its new Deep Action variants whose major product benefit was 12 hours of freshness. Apart from launching the variants, we set right to work building the brand’s first digital youth experience in Ghana.

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"Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need."

Will Rogers

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